11 Edmonton Restaurants you need to try

  1. Avila Arepa: Avila Arepa is a fantastic Venezuelan restaurant located on Edmonton's iconic Whyte Avenue. The restaurant is the perfect place to meet friends or family.

  2. YEG Burger: If you’re looking for a tasty burger, look no further than YEG Burger. Found in the North End of the city, eat here for unique flavors combined with top-quality ingredients.

  3. Meat: Meat is the place to go in Edmonton if you're craving southern BBQ. Meats biggest claim to fame is that they are one of the few places you can find authentic cornbread in Alberta.

  4. RGE RD: RGE RD offers Edmonton diners the opportunity to experience farm to table eating that aims to represents Canadian dining options that have been inspired by the fields, forests, peaks, and seas of the natural national landscape.

  5. Hanjan: Hanjan is Edmonton’s premiere haven for fantastic Korean fares in Edmonton. They aim to bring the community together by offering a space to gather over craft pints or coffees, paired with a signature dish or famous dessert.

  6. Sepp’s Pizza: No list would be complete with out a mention of one of Edmonton's favorite pizza places. Sepps pizza offer New-York style pizza with a Canadian twist of toppings.

  7. Hathway’s Diner: Hathway’s is a classic diner that nails affordable classics such as breakfast or a burger. They’re open for breakfast and lunch, but not dinner so come early. The diner is an institution in Edmonton so don’t mistake it for being some sleepy diner.

  8. DaDeO: DaDeO is a Creole-inspired diner and bar that highlights cuisine from New Orleans. Its fun interior that is is decorated to look like a 1950s diner is adults only.

  9. Sofra Turkish Restaurant & Wine Cellar: Turkish food may not be your first thought of decadent cuisines, but it’s truly amazing. It has been influenced and influenced a wide range of food that includes Mediterranean, Balkan, Middle Eastern, and North Africa. The Turkish chef behind the restaurant, Chef Yuksel, crafts every dish in-house.

  10. The Bedouins Restaurant: There aren’t many North African restaurants in Canada so when you find one like The Bedouins it should be treasured. Arabian and North African dishes are rich meals that bring plenty of unique flavors and spice.

  11. GRAVY: Gravy delivers some of the best burgers in Edmonton in a hip environment. They’re known for excellent burgers and quality ingredients at an affordable price. We love Gravy for a casual meal in a laidback environment.

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